Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tate's Afghan & My Seedlings

I just finished up Tate's afghan. I made it similar to the one I made the baby. Tate picked out the camouflage blue yarn and I picked out the light blue and navy to match. I already had the periwinkle frosting yarn and didn't know what I had originally bought it for, so I used it one the edges.

Tate was really pleased with it- he calls it his "pretty blanket." Even my husband liked it and he usually doesn't pay to much attention to such things. I have already started one for Sullivan and had about five rows done before I ripped it back out and started over because the beginning chains were too tight. I have about 6 or 7 rows done on it now.

My seeds have been sprouting like mad! The tomato plants were the first to come up, closely followed by the lavender. My honeylocust seeds are growing like crazy too! They are getting quite a few leaves on them already.

I'll be happy when all the snow is gone in the garden so I can start getting it ready. I don't recall ever having snow still around this late in the year. The barn is full of horse/goat manure to put on the garden, plus my compost barrel is pretty full. I really need to work on getting my herb garden back in shape. I also need to do a lot of work on the raspberries and asparagus. I can't wait for the weather to get nice to I can spend some much-needed time outside.

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