Monday, April 7, 2008

Tie One On

This is my apron for a farmgirl chapter I am in called Bees Without Borders. We all got the bee and clover fabric in whichever color we liked best: pink, blue, or yellow. I used mostly pink for mine (of course), but I used some blue in the waistband and pockets. I don't wear this one for anything I may get dirty at, because it's very special. One I do wear for doing chores and things is my cowgirl half-apron:

I didn't even know what I was going to do with this fabric when I bought it. I saw it sitting in a remnant bin and thought "pink, cowgirls, I'm gettin' it!" This was my first apron I made and I love it. My favorite thing to do in it is to feed chickens and pick up eggs and put them in the pocket.

I bought a bunch of aprons at an antique store one time. They have all been well-used, but I love them anyway. I wear them for any ole' thing and usually always have pockets to repair.
I wear aprons for cleaning as well so I can stow stuff in the pockets that need to go to other rooms, so I don't have to keep walking back and forth. Tate likes to see me wearing aprons, expressed with his usual "Ooooh, Mama!" He, however, wasn't as thrilled to wear one, especially in a picture!

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GardenGoose said...

thanks so much for sharing about your aprons. Tate is definitely a good sport to try on one off your aprons..ha.
thanks for joining in the blog a thon.
p.s. how's the little goat that had frost bite?
he looked so cute...and how's tate's hand doing/hope they are both doing better.

Beemoosie said...

You have a beautiful collection of aprons! I am so glad to hear that you wear them too!

Jessica said...

That is a great collection of aprons! I love that cowgirl pattern. Too cute!

Cheryl Marshall said...

I really love your collection of aprons! Love the cowgirl one :)