Monday, April 14, 2008

Goat Babies!

The farm is blooming with life this week! On the same day the Sheltie puppies were born, Avenger, my Nigerian dwarf goat, gave birth to two kids (from a pygmy buck). The mostly white one is bashful and always looks the other way, but the agouti one is very brave. It charges at me already!I was on the computer last night blogging about the Sheltie puppies when I heard the baby goats bleating. It took me awhile to figure out where the sound was coming from and what it was! Once I walked outside I immediately knew it was coming from the barn and I ran down there with a flashlight and moved Avenger and the babies to my camper, which I use as a birthing stall for goats and a chicken brooder.
Up until about a week ago, the camper was parked down by the barn, but I had Joe move it up close to the house so I had it close to outlets to plug in the chicken brooder lights. Moving Avenger up there was a real chore since she doesn't walk very well on a leash and I pretty much dragged her most of the way. My chicks aren't coming until next week, so by then I'll have somewhere outside to put Avenger and the kids outside.

I took a little walk around while I was outside with my camera and it didn't take long for the chickens and goats to realize I was outside. They came on the run hoping I was bringing them something good to eat. I took a couple pictures of them and then through them in some hay.

As I walked by my herb garden, I noticed some mint already growing like mad. Up near the front yard I checked on the rhubarb and sure enough, it is starting to pop out of the ground as well. I can't wait to make some rhubarb pie! It's been a couple years since I planted the rhubarb, so I will harvest it pretty heavily this year.

Then up by the mailbox I noticed my first flower of the year. This little yellow crocus was all by it's lonesome up there, though I noticed other bulbs starting to come up. It seems like spring is really starting to get going now. I am so happy that the grass is green again!

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