Friday, April 18, 2008

Spotlight on Kolby

Sherwoods Lil Bailey Kolby, called Lil B when he was a puppy, then Kolby, was born March 26, 2003. He is a Shih Tzu, the firstborn in Bailey and Josie second litter. His litter-brother Chase Dakota James "Chase" is my parent's dog, so they still visit each other from time to time. Kolby was originally for sale, but after the family that first wanted him changed their minds, I cried and cried and promised him he could stay with me forever. And I have been glad ever since.

Kolby (whose nickname is Friend) can be quite the troublemaker. He has a knack for getting food off the kitchen table and Sully's highchair. After he cleans Sullivan's highchair tray, he usually takes a nap up there before getting down. Even when we make sure all the chairs are pushed in around the table, he gets on the chair and squeezes his way onto the table. There's just no stopping him! He doesn't take no for an answer.

Besides the highchair, Kolby likes to sleep in other strange places, his favorite being a basket of clean clothes fresh from the dryer. He's kind of a weeny dog- scary things often happen to him. When he was a puppy, he got his dog tag caught in the heat register and went crazy. He also came to the barn with me one time and a wire that was hooked to a tarp got caught in his fur, and he went yelping away, tarp flying after him! It was a good couple years before he would ever set paw in the barn again.

He has always loved water- when the bowl is empty or he's just too lazy to look, he jumps in the bathtub and barks until we come and turn the water on. Just for a few seconds, to get the bottom of the bathtub wet so he can lick it all off. When he was a puppy, we couldn't figure out why his water bowl was always empty. I finally caught him one day digging in it and splashing all the water out. I'm just glad he outgrew that!

Kolby is such a gentle soul, he loves his belly and face rubbed, but gets really mad if you tickle his paws. He's very ticklish and gets so mad that he hides his back paws under his head and glares at you. One of his favorite activities is picking up the dog toys and putting them away in the toybox. I don't know where he learned this- I didn't teach him. I guess he's just a neat freak at heart!