Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Swapping: Felt Pins and Yo-Yos

I was very busy all day yesterday finishing up on my felt pins for Grace's (katmom) swap on Mary Jane's farmgirl boards. I had a really good time making them- they're very easy to do. Once I get started, inspiration keeps coming and I don't have enough hands to make everything I want to. I used a lot of yo-yos this time with coordinating buttons and felt. I also made a brown cow like the black and white one I did earlier that everyone liked so much.

It's actually kind of hard to stop making them once you've started! I also finished my series of seasons with a tree. I had done winter and spring last month. I made summer, with apple buttons on the tree and flower buttons around it. I also made autumn, with red, yellow, and orange buttons on the tree and falling from it, symbolizing falling leaves. It was kind of hard to let go of all my beautiful creations, but I know that the other farmgirls will treasure them.

I also started a yo-yo swap with the farmgirls. I have about half of mine done so far, with the other half cut and ready to be stitched. Two of the farmgirls (sissysquilts' are the autumn-colored and levisgrammy's are the blues and purples) have already sent me theirs:

I have been working on a yo-yo quilt for quite some time now. I wanted to host a swap so I can get some different fabrics in it and to share some of my fabrics that I have more than I need. A lot of times when I go to buy fabric, I find myself only looking at pink fabrics and ignoring all the other colors, so it helps to trade yo-yos with people who are obsessed with the color pink!


Cheryl Marshall said...

You did such a wonderful job on the Pins and Yo-Yo's. I just love them :)

JenniferWarthan said...

Country Home (or Country Living?) just did a feature on yo-yo's. They're gorgeous!