Monday, March 24, 2008

Little Bit of Flooding

Across the road, the Plum Creek has been high with all the melting snow for the past week or so. The other night I walked outside and could hear rushing water and the cornfield was filling up with water. By morning it had gone down some, but I took a few pictures anyway. It floods quite often- last October it flooded so much that Tate, Annie, and I rowed the flatbottom boat from the barn to the end of our property and back!

This is the first time I have seen our creek flood with snow still on the ground. There used to be three big trees on the bank in this spot of the creek, but the flood last fall took all of them out. Bald eagles used to be in those trees all the time. Now the only big tree around the area is the old Silver Maple in our front yard.

I caught a pair of geese cruising the creek when I had my camera out. We see quite a few of geese in this area, as well as Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, and pheasants. I've actually run over pheasant nests a couple times while mowing our acreage, so I took the eggs and put them under a heat lamp. Most of them actually hatched and when they got big enough, I released them.
Down the road about a mile, there is a tree with an eagle's nest in it. The eagles reuse it every year and you can see one in the nest and the other in the tree nearby standing guard. Eventually you can see the hatchlings heads popping up. I can't wait to try to get some good pictures this year with my new camera. There is also another nest about a mile or so in the other direction, but it's a ways back from the road. I'll have to go out walking with my camera and see what wildlife I can find.

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