Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finished the Afghan

Well, I did it! I finished my first crochet project, the baby afghan. It was originally going to be just the hot colored variegated yarn with the red yarn on the outside, but I thought it needed something more, so I added a yellow and an orange stripe to both side, then went around the entire thing with yellow frosting yarn. I'm happy with the way it turned out. I may have to make a couple for my boys next.

My next crochet project is the Crocheted Head Wrap on page 35 of Mary Jane's Stitching Room by Mary Jane Butters. Anytime I feel the need for some inspiration, I can open this book and there it is. I don't think there's a single project in the whole book that I don't want to try. Here is my progress on the headwrap so far:

My thirteen-month-old son, Sullivan saw me with the camera out to take the picture of my headwrap and made a beeline for me. Both my boys love having their picture taken! So much so that I'm about 2 years behind on scrapbooking. I have a pile of pictures you wouldn't believe!

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