Wednesday, December 10, 2008

White Christmas

The boys were amazed to wake up to the Christmas tree this morning. By this afternoon, they had all ready knocked it over! Tate can't wait for Santa Claus to bring him more toys. He has been impatiently waiting for Santa since the first snowfall.

The dogs have been enjoying playing in the snow- here they are along with their rooster friend. The dogs sleep in the garage at night since it's heated, and the rooster must have gone in and slept in the dog house at night. I didn't notice him when I put the dogs in, but they all got along, so I left him. He even went up to the bowl and ate dog food with them.

I have been crocheting like a wild woman, trying to get all my projects done by Christmas. I have always been a procrastinator, I work much better with a deadline looming. I have finished a few things- I only have a quilt, a bed scarf, an amigurumi monkey, and a hat to finish. Here are some of the things I have finished:

Lilac bed scarf for my mom.

American Flag afghan for my dad.

Camouflage hat and mittens for Tate and Sullivan.

Amigurumi monkey for my niece, Samantha, the monkey nut.

Here's hoping I get everything finished in time for Christmas! I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas!


Jenn said...

Everything looks great, I can't do anything crafty !

Carol............. said...

You really HAVE been your crafts.

Farmgirl Ranchetta