Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hamster Heaven

Here are some new additions to our family! We are now the proud pet-parents of three hamsters. Above is Juju, a long-haired Syrian. She was my first hamster, and I picked her because she was running on the exercise wheel like crazy while all the other hamsters slept.

She's really funny and has the food bowl empty within an hour of me filling it. She carries it all up to her sleeping room and sticks it in a pile in the corner. Another corner is for peeing and another corner is for sleeping, with her bedding piled in it.

Then I rescued Vega (above) and Nova (below) from the humane society. They are female dwarf hamsters. Vega is 4 months old and Nova, who is her daughter, is 3 weeks old. Nova escaped from the exercise ball the other night and I about had a heart attack, but she was found hiding in Tate's room. The kids love watching the hamsters!

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