Friday, August 8, 2008

Plum Creek Creations

I have recently opened an etsy shop called Plum Creek Creations which you can visit at I have been busy creating jewelry for the shop lately and have been having a blast doing it! My beads and wire and findings have actually pretty much taken over the living room!

Rainbow Reverie available in my etsy shop for $19

I'm not sure where my ideas are coming from, sometimes I just see a bead I like and design around it. Sometimes I pick a color or two and go from there. Tate loves looking at all the beads and seeing the finished jewelry. I may have a budding designer on my hands, as long as he didn't inherit his dad's colorblindness!

Imperial Elegance available in my etsy shop for $19

All this jewelry-making has put all other works-in-progress to a standstill. I haven't crocheted in quite awhile, but I really need to get back to it, as I have several ideas for Christmas gifts. It's kind of difficult to believe how quickly the holiday season has been sneaking up, with the high temperatures we have been having.

Earth Goddess available in my etsy shop for $19

Things have been so busy around here lately. Cleaning up from the floods and doing a lot of refencing is most of it. Three baby goats have been born in the last few weeks, and a couple does are due any time now. Helga had a boy, named Nitro, and Hester had a boy, Wrangler, and a girl, Cherokee. I have to get out and take some pictures!

Springtime Fantasy available in my etsy shop for $19

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Jenn said...

Congrats on your shop.I'm going to have a look around right now!