Monday, August 25, 2008

Boys, Cookie, and Yarn

It's been a busy summer so far. Joe and I floated the Maquoketa River from Hopkinton to Monticello- last month we did Delhi to Hopkinton. Someday we hope to be able to say we floated the entire Maquoketa. I'm fried to a crisp and am trying to do my best to stay out of the sun today because the sun beating down on my shoulders and face doesn't feel very pleasant. The boys kept Grandma and Grandpa Picray busy for the day while we floated.

Tate has been loving to color lately. Unfortunately, most of this coloring has been on himself or Sullivan, if he can get him to stay still long enough. Sullivan has become a talking machine, even saying two and three words sentences. His favorite word is still "No!" He just loves to disagree with anything.

The boys got a new puppy. Annie has been depressed without Corky, so we got this new puppy, who Tate named Cookie. She is very good with the kids, and they adore her. Joe was working on building her a fenced-in area, but hit himself in the head with a T-post that broke and had to stop. He had a nice gash on his forehead, which scared Tate a bit. Cookie has been living in the house with us until her pen is finished, and she really likes all the dogs. The other dogs don't really care about her, except Zoie, who loves to play with her.

I have been working on yarn-dyeing and jewelry for my etsy shop. I also listed most of my vintage clothing collection, because with two kids now, I really don't have the space. Also because of having two kids, I don't fit into most of it anymore anyway. :)

I used Wilton's food coloring for the skein of yarn above. My inspiration was jewel tones, and it turned out exactly as I imagined it.

These yarns are available at my etsy shop at check it out!

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Bonne said...

whooo hooo~don't know what's cuter, the boys or the colors in your yarn! ;) B