Monday, June 9, 2008

Enough Rain Already!

We've had three floods in the last couple weeks, the one last night being the worst of all of them. The water came up very quickly around 11 last night, luckily Joe went out back to feed the puppies and saw the water at the bottom step already. We've never had water this high in our five years here. The current washed some of the puppies under the deck where they were struggling to keep their heads above water.

These pictures are from the floods on Memorial Day and the Friday after. The floods from last night were gone by morning, so all I got was after pictures. After saving the puppies, we had to move the older dogs to the garage because their pen was also underwater. Then I looked in the hog lot at the front of the barn and saw about a foot of water. I ran to the barn with a flashlight and we moved all the baby goats to the camper. The older goats we left because they were standing on a ledge and were only knee-deep in water. The horses were in the back of the barn and were also knee-deep in water.

The two horses in the back were too scared to come into the barn because they couldn't tell where the big step was, so I had to wade out in hip-deep water in the pasture to get them. I ended up tieing them in the barn so they wouldn't go back out there. One of the goats went out and almost drowned when the current caught him where it was really deep, but he managed to swim out of it without my help. I put all the chickens on the wall in the barn- they were soaked to the skin.

This morning when we woke up, the floodwaters had receded. We were fine and all our animals were safe, but we lost a lot of stuff. All our firewood for next winter is gone, though we found a small portion of it down the road about a half mile, along with one of my big cages, which is in the ditch. About a mile away in the ditch we found one of my raised beds for the garden. Our big farmgate from the backyard is nowhere and our big plastic barrel is really far away in a field. (We think it is- it's too far away to tell for sure.)
Our roads are all but washed away and the gravel from them fills the ditches. Bridges have huge holes in them and a lot of roads in our county, including ours, are closed, ours has been closed since Memorial Day. We have more rain in the forecast this week, which is about the last thing we need right now. No one has had a chance to clean up and make repairs much from one flood when the next comes along. I think eastern Iowa deserves a break!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you are having all these flood problems. Here we sit in NW Kansas with nothing. Our dryland wheat looks like crap and we'll be lucky if any of our dryland fall crops will come up.

Anonymous said...

I hit post before I finished.....we've had about 6 inches since Memorial Weekend, but it isn't enough to make a dent in the drought we've been having. I know every little helps, but we need a lot more.

Jenn said...

How awful, sorry about your land and fences ,glad your animals and family are all ok though. It was like that last year here in SE Kansas and a couple weeks ago alot of the roads were flooded but it went away in a few hours. Hopefully things will get better and you will start having nicer weather.

Beverly said...

I would agree ... enough already! So sorry to hear about your losses and I trust you will be able to bounce back soon.

Kimberly Ann said...

My thoughts are with you and your family. I have never experienced this kind of thing personally (and I pray that I never will) but I can only imagine how devastating it can be. Thank goodness you and your animals are all safe. Take care.

Ulla said...

you are in my thoughts, i love your blog.