Thursday, May 1, 2008

More babies!

My thirtieth birthday was April 19th and with the flood I never got around to blogging about my birthday presents from Daisy! She gave birth to 5 adorable puppies in the wee hours of my birthday. What a good girl! They are growing so fast and should be opening their eyes very soon. Chester got the job done once again! He could care less though- once the fun part of the job is over, that's it for him!

They are all very nicely marked and have the cutest little faces! Zelda's puppies are growing quickly too- they have had their eyes open awhile now and are getting around pretty well. They are going to outgrow their home in the bathroom soon! Which is good, because I want my bathroom back!

Last Friday, the same day as the flood, I got my baby chicks in the mail. The mailwoman actually called me from down the road because by the time she got out our way, the road was flooded, so Joe took the Jeep down to pick them up. I had the camper all ready to go for them- I call it Mama's Chicken Shack, though I use it for other baby animals too.

I received 4 bantam cochins, 2 of which are the red ones in the picture, the other 2 are dark. The other five black ones are Barred Rocks. 5 of the yellow ones are Rhode Island Whites and the other 5 are Delawares. I ordered from Ideal this time, and was very pleased with their service and selection. The chicks are thriving and starting to get their feathers. Tate was so excited when the box came because they were all peeping like mad. I asked him what was in the box and he said "Acksuppies!" which is what he calls birds so he was pretty much right!

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