Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Potty Training Triumphs and Tribulations

My son Tate just turned 3 years old last month, and now we are working on potty training. Previously, he would stand at the toilet and pretend, but never went. A couple weeks ago, he finally peed in the toilet, so now he thinks he's pretty cool! He gets a sticker to put on a sheet of paper on the bathroom door when he goes potty, which he thinks is just great! The picture on the left I took the other morning, when he took off his pajamas and diaper and put on his big boy undies himself. One morning when I went in to get him for breakfast, he had his shirt and pants on, too. He even matched, which was very surprising. Maybe he could teach his dad!

At the right is a picture of the morning I wasn't laughing when I went in to get him up. Needless to say, he went directly into the bathtub! He hasn't pooped on the toilet yet, but I am waiting anxiously! His diapers are all used up and he just has pull-ups for at night and when we go somewhere, and undies and training pants for at home or short trips. He has gone potty at both grandparents' houses- next I want him to go potty when we're out and about. He has laser surgery tomorrow morning on the birthmark on his forehead, so we will try there next. Yesterday, he wanted to sit on the toilet awhile, so I saw the opportunity for a funny photo (boy, is he going to be mad at me when he gets older-especially when he graduates high school and I make a photo collage!) He was busy reading the new Grit magazine- checking out the tractor ads, like usual! That's my boy!

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