Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Splendor in Clayton County

Fall is definitely here! We took a little roadtrip through Clayton County last week to check out the leaves. Every view was picturesque- this is just a small sampling of my pictures from that day.

Tate and Sullivan had fun looking at trees, rivers, and trains. I was of course on the lookout for fossil-collecting sites. I knew of some road cuts near Millville which I scoped out on the way by. I also found several washed-out places that might be good collecting.

The past couple nights have gotten pretty chilly, so the leaves have been falling like crazy. It's a good thing we took this trip last week! I haven't been able to spend as much time outside with it getting colder, because of the kids, but I have managed to hike and fossil-collect while keeping the kids occupied when cutting firewood.

We are getting quite a supply of wood built up for the winter. I am starting to get tired of loading firewood, but it's good exercise! We had the cement poured for the wood burner and the chunk of sidewalk Joe had to break up to trench for the pipe. We had a fun time trying to keep the kids, dogs, cats, and chickens out of the cement!

The sidewalk now has little cat and dog paw prints across it, but it's really cute, so I left it. The kids put their footprints on the slab for the wood stove, which made Sullivan cry, of course. :)

I hope you enjoyed my autumn pictures of Clayton County, Iowa!

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Jenn said...

The pictures are beautiful, I love when the leaves are changing!